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Introducing our New Green & Gold Eucalyptus Collection!

We are so often inspired by our customers and this new collection is no exception. Having seen a similar design, we did some research and came up with a beautiful, delicate design incorporating our best-selling plant design with our most popular colours. Green Eucalyptus Leaves and a touch of Gold!


It takes time to create products for a collection so we’ve started with the most popular, such as this Save the Date, and will keep adding products when we can. Remember though, if you would like to order some stationery on our website and would like the Green & Gold Eucalyptus design, please just ask. It’s no problem at all to change a product to match.

Chic Botanical Wedding at Lapstone Barn

We always love hearing back from happy customers. We’re sometimes lucky enough to see photographs from their special day too. Grace and Shaun tied the knot at Lapstone Barn, a traditional 18th-century Cotswold stone barn near Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds. The beautiful occasion was captured on camera by Katrina Bartlam. They also featured in the online wedding directory, Grace chose the Multi Floral Watercolour design for her wedding stationery, which is available right here on our website.

22 Things to Consider Including on Your Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation can be a single card with basic details on it or several cards including accommodation information, a menu, and a map. It’s a personal choice and there are many ways of sharing information. You want to make it easy for your guests and avoid stress on the day so the more you think about it in advance, the better.

There is no set etiquette for invitations and the information you should include so here is a list of 22 points to consider.

Including Children

To recap, as an absolute minimum, you need the following:

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Invitations

You’re planning a wedding and naturally you wish to have your nearest and dearest there to share in this momentous occasion. Invitations are a must! Whether you choose to invite your guests via email or with handwritten or printed invitations, is entirely up to you. Having invitations designed and printed for you takes a lot of the stress, time, and effort out of it but where to start?


There is no set etiquette for invitations and the information you should include so we’ll cover 7 frequently asked questions here.


Why Send Wedding Invitations?

You may have already sent out a Save the Date card to ensure the date is in your guests’ diaries but now you need to provide more information. By the time you’re ready to send out invitations, you will have your day fully planned out including the venue(s), food, and entertainment.

19 Polite Ways to Exclude Children at Weddings

Regardless of how you feel about having children at a wedding, you need to be 100% clear on it to your guests. Addressing an invitation to Jack and Sarah and assuming they won’t bring their son, will undoubtedly lead to misunderstandings.

Including Children

If you belong firmly in the group that believes the more children, the merrier, then let your guests know. Be prepared! Think about food and the seating arrangements. Are the children old enough to have their own table? Will they need to sit with their parents for the main meal? What activities will be available to keep them occupied? A table with drawing or building materials can go a long way to keeping them quiet during the speeches for example. Perhaps you are able to have hired childcare to entertain them in a separate room or tent. Most children aren’t interested in eating a proper sit-down meal so instead of wasting money on an expensive menu, consider having a child-friendly menu just for them. Is there room for them to run around and let off steam without running between the tables and being a nuisance?

Save the Date Cards - Why? What? When?

Save the dates are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Times have changed and wedding etiquette has also changed over the years. There’s a good chance your grandparents hadn’t even heard of save the dates when they were planning their own nuptials.

Getting engaged is exciting. You share your news, and everybody wants to know when the big day is. It’s all great fun celebrating your engagement and trawling the internet for your perfect venue, dress, stationery etc. But once you’ve set the date, the real work begins starting with save the dates. We’ll cover all the points you should consider here.

What is a Save the Date?

Save the date cards are a simple way of asking the recipients to keep your special day free in their calendars. They are not actual invitations but do let your friends and family know in advance that you are planning a wedding and give them plenty of time to book time off work and even book hotels or flights if they live further afield. They are often the first step to making it all seem ‘real’ and are of course a great way of spreading exciting news!...

Quarantine During Lockdown

We’ve loved reading the stories of all the virtual weddings taking place around the country with guests live streaming via Zoom, Facebook or some other app. From pets acting as ‘bridesmaids’ to cardboard guests & friends, to a maid of honour pronouncing the couple ‘still not married’ via video link. The big wedding may not be taking place just yet, but the love and sense of humour are still very much present.

Help, my wedding has been postponed!

Many of you were lucky enough to have got engaged to the love of your life in the not too distant past. Congratulations if that was you! You got all excited and started making plans. The date was set, and you invested time and money into planning your perfect wedding be that a small intimate affair on a beach in the Bahamas or a huge lavish function in a country mansion with hundreds of guests. Then you started hearing worrying news and suddenly we were being forced to take a pause from our work and way of life. COVID19 hit! We could see it as an opportunity to slow down and take stock of our lives. But for most of us it’s been upsetting and, in many cases, costly...

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