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What are Wax Seal Stamps?

Sealing wax was always used to seal letters and documents.  After melting, the wax would harden and create a bond that was difficult to separate without it being obvious the item had been tampered with. There are various methods of application, such as a wax stick with a wick that is melted at one end, dripped onto the product and then whilst still warm an impression is made with a stamp.  You can also use small wax granules which are heated in a spoon, usually over a flame, once melted these are poured onto your envelope seal and stamped.  Granules can be great for mixing different colours together to create new ones.  

Self Adhesive Wax Seals

Self adhesive wax seals are exactly what it says on the tin.  A pre-made wax seal with your chosen colour and design, with a double-sided label on the back ready for you to stick to your project.


These are by far the quickest and easiest way to get the required result! No need to purchase the wax, the wax stamp, the non-stick surface or the heating equipment.  Simply peel off of the backing stick it to your desired surface.  It’s as easy as that and there is no need to do all the work and mess behind the scenes. 


One thing to bear in mind is that these could be what takes your Invitation from a Small Letter to a Large Letter with Royal Mail which will incur extra cost.  When sending out 80+ invitations this can really start to add up, although if you have a few cards in the envelope already you may already be above the limit.


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