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Bespoke Table Plans for Any Theme

be it design, layout, material, font, or size. Invigorate your setting with our vibrant "Vintage Blooms" design, select a timeless font such as the elegant "Calligraphy 4", or make a bold statement with a large format table plan. 

Customisable Table Plans for Any Occasion

Whatever your wedding theme - vintage charm, modern chic, floral beauty, or timeless elegance - we make bespoke table plans that flawlessly harmonise with your decorations and wedding stationery. Not just for weddings! Our impeccably designed table plans are versatile and can be reimagined for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, or even sporting events. If you envision a unique design, we're all ears!

Discover Your Ideal Table Plan at Vintage Prints

We offer table plan cards that you can display creatively— affix them to a mirror or hang them on a ladder—the sky is the limit! If you're looking for inspiration, explore our comprehensive guide, "Table Planning for Weddings: How To Create The Perfect Reception Seating Plan". If you already have a strong vision, start shopping by selecting a category below. We've streamlined the ordering process to ensure your convenience. However, if you need assistance, we're just a message away.

Enhance Your Table Plan with Additional Stationery

Remember! If you're a returning customer, we can harmonise your table plans to blend seamlessly with any of our stationery designs or any previous custom designs we've crafted for you. Don't forget to include Table Numbers, Menus, or Place Cards to perfect the look.

Why are Table Plans important at weddings?

Table plans are an integral part of wedding organisation, providing a clear guide to guests about where they should be seated during the reception. They reduce confusion and promote a smooth transition from the ceremony to the meal, ensuring that everyone finds their place quickly and easily. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to extend your creative vision and wedding theme, adding a personal touch that all your guests can appreciate. More than just functional, well-designed table plans can contribute to the overall aesthetic of the day, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a cohesive, delightful experience for all attendees.

For instance, imagine Aunt Mabel and Uncle Albert, who haven't seen each other since the infamous Christmas pudding incident of '98, accidentally seated together due to lack of a precise table plan. Oh, the horror! Or consider your old school friends and your work colleagues, who have only your charming anecdotes in common, struggling for conversation topics. A meticulously thought-out table plan is the secret weapon to prevent such scenarios and ensure your wedding festivities run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine!

What if I don't want a seating plan? What other options are there?

If a seating plan doesn't appeal to your sense of spontaneity, there are certainly alternative options that can add an element of excitement to your wedding reception. One popular choice is the "free seating" approach, where guests are free to choose their own seats. This option promotes a relaxed, sociable atmosphere and encourages mingling among guests, ensuring that conversations spark from unexpected corners!

Another alternative could be to designate tables for specific groups - family, friends, colleagues etc., without assigning individual seats. This way, guests have the flexibility to sit next to whomever they wish within their assigned group, making for a comfortable yet structured setting. 

Remember, the most important thing is that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves at your wedding. Whether that means implementing a detailed seating plan or embracing a more laissez-faire approach, the choice is entirely yours!

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