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Are save the evening cards essential?

Not all of your wedding guests have to be present for the whole day. From the wedding breakfast to the ceremony, and the reception to the evening, taking control of the guests invited to different parts of the day can benefit your wedding budget.

Evening-only guests are nothing new. Sending out save the evening cards can go a long way to making evening-only guests feel as much a part of your wedding day as those that will be with you throughout.

Make sure you send out cards that are either very clearly save the evening cards, or if you're not yet sure, just send a save the date instead.

When to send save the evening cards?

Since save the day and save the evening cards are usually the first stationery to be sent out in preparation for your wedding day, the goal should always be to have them sent out as early as possible. Typically, you should be aiming for around 6 – 12 months before the big day.

This ensures that everyone has plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. Of course, if you're planning on a destination wedding, then save the evening cards (and all of your invites) will usually need to be sent out much further in advance.

The earlier that you can send these out, the better. In recent years, many couples have been forced to change dates unexpectedly. This also means that there are likely to be a lot more weddings coming up in the next few years too. That makes it even more important that you send out your save the evening cards as early as you can.

Be clear on the card that it’s for the latter part of the day, and don’t be too vague when addressing them either. Inviting ‘the Smith household’ looks lovely, but if you were only planning on the adults attending and they expect to receive invitations for their entire family, things could start to get awkward! That’s the same with plus-ones. If your evening guests have the option of a plus-one, make sure it's clearly stated.

Can I order save the evening samples?

We know it's important that everything is right on your wedding day, and that extends to the first stationery you send out. To ensure your save the evening cards are perfect, you can order samples easily. You can try out a few different designs so that you have a better idea of what you want.

Plus, if you want to make any changes once you've seen your samples, that’s no problem. We can make any amendments as required.

Can you do custom designs?

At Vintage Prints, we make stationery for weddings in the way that you want them. You can choose any of our exciting designs and make changes to them however you like. From the colour to the font to the type of card, all of our designs can be altered to suit you.

If you have your own design in mind, we can make that a reality as well. Once you see the proof, you can make changes until you’re completely happy.

Your wedding theme, the location, and even the time of year that your special day takes place will all affect how you want your save the evening cards to look. We can help make everything as perfect as possible.

Can I print extra save the evening cards later?

If you find that you want to invite more people to your wedding’s evening event, we have made it as easy as possible to get more printed. Have a look at our reprints page and you'll see just how easy it is to get some more save the evening cards printed whenever you need them.

Priority Checkout Option

Don’t forget that if you do need your bespoke stationery quickly, we do offer a Priority Processing option. If you can’t wait to start organising, or if the wedding date has changed unexpectedly, check out our information page to find out more about priority checkout options.

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