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Where is my Order?

Priority Processing moves your order to the top of the queue. We will draw up proofs for you as soon as we can. Once you have approved the order, we will send it straight to print and dispatch it as quickly as possible. The order will still be shipped using your chosen shipping method so if you select 2nd Class postage, it will take a further 3 – 5 working days to reach you, sometimes longer.

Foiling orders take longer to produce so please allow 5 – 10 working days from the day you approved your proofs, for dispatch. Delivery depends on your chosen delivery method.

Please refer to the individual listings for timeframes for delivery. If your order includes proofs, we will not send it to print unless you have approved it. Please contact us by email if you are unsure.


Please only send any information along with your order if it’s changed such as an RSVP by date or guest names. Reprints are not new versions of previous invites such as evening invites instead of day invites. The only information you can amend is the personalised guest names, an RSVP by date or a small error. If you would like a different version of your original order, you must place a new order on the main product page.

Although you can only place a full order of the minimum order quantity or higher on our website, please contact us via email as we occasionally print a few extra and may still have some in stock. We always recommend ordering extra at the start.

Yes, if you need fewer than the minimum order quantity, please use the link on the product page for reprints. We always recommend ordering extra invitations up front. You cannot order fewer than the minimum order quantity of any foiling products.

Making Changes to Text & Design

Everything is fully customisable. You can choose to leave the layout as shown on the photograph or write it out in a different way. It’s entirely up to you. Our photos show a suggestion only.

Yes, we can do mini versions of most of the products. Please ask if you don’t see the option on the listing.

Yes, you can change any of the text, colours, and layout on any of the cards.

Yes, you can customise any of the text, colours, and layouts on any of the cards.

Yes, the RSVP and Gift Message cards are purely suggestions. You can customise any of the text, colours, and layouts on any of the cards you order

No, we don’t charge for alterations to the design, text, and layout. The exception would be if you wanted something completely different that we feel could be a lot of additional work. We would always let you know in advance if this were the case.

Everything is fully customisable. You can choose to leave the layout as shown on the photograph or write it out in a different way. It’s entirely up to you.

You can either leave it as is or you can write your own. Everything is fully customisable, even the font.

Yes, everything is fully customisable. Either choose one from a different product or ask us for a list of frequently used fonts.

Generally, we can only edit what already exists. If you see a flower on another design that you would like to have incorporated into another, it may be possible. Please just ask. If you would like something completely different, please try to send us photos to show us what you’d like, and we’ll see what we can do.

Yes, we are happy to use a customer’s own design. Please send us a quality image/psd file and we will see what we can do.

Pricing is the same as for other products. If for example, you would like a Sleeve Invitation but with your own design, simply use any of the existing sleeve invite listings to get a price. Everything is fully customisable. The only exception is for designs requiring a lot of editing.

We cannot print white! We can leave gaps in a design to allow white card to show through in order to create white images or text. An example of this is our Henrietta Dusk design.

Yes, all our stationery is fully customisable and suitable for any event.

No! However, the more text you try to include, the smaller the font will become. If you try to squeeze too much on, the resulting print may be too small for many people to read. The proofs will show the text accurately so be sure to check them on a large screen and zoom in to actual finished card size when proofing. We are not responsible for text being too small to read for some of your guests. If you are unsure, please order a personalised sample first.

No, all Generic Samples are as shown in the listing. If you would like to make changes, please order a Personalised or Electronic Sample.

Personalising an Order

You can either add your details in the box provided at the time of placing your order or you can email them to us afterwards when it’s more convenient for you. If you already sent them ahead of time, please tell us this when placing your order. When we receive an order, we do not search for past correspondence unless you specifically tell us to.

Yes, you either need to tell us at the time of ordering that you have already sent your details or email to them us afterwards. If there have been several things discussed over a period of time, please list these again in a single email after you’ve placed your order. Older emails will have been filed away and we will not be able to remember details.

Yes, we have a list of gift message suggestions we can send you. Feel free to alter any of them to suit your needs.

Yes, we have a list of suggested text for including/excluding children at weddings we can send you. Feel free to alter any of them to suit your requirements

Yes, you must list the names exactly as you’d like them to appear on the invitations. For example: Julie, Paul, Isobel & James. The name(s) for the next invitation need to go on the next line and so on. Please do not use preceding numbers or symbols as these would print on your invitations along with the name. Please ask us for instructions if you are still unsure.

You do not need to include the information in the order itself. You can also email it afterwards at your convenience if you prefer.

If you want the names written exactly as they are in your table plan list then yes. If, however you would only like Christian names for example, but your table plan list has surnames then the answer is no. Please provide the full list separately. The rule is that we must be able to copy and paste the full list in its entirety.

Please list the tables underneath each other in a single column. If you use tabbing to spread tables out across a page in a Word document for example, then we are no longer able to copy a single table. We will do the layout ourselves. Please provide simple lists for us to copy and paste.

Please list the names in a single list with the names written out exactly as you would like them printed. Please do not use any numbering or symbols such as dashes in front of the names as these will print along with the names. Please do not leave blank lines.

No, these envelopes are too small to fit through our printers.

We have a list of gift messages that we can send you to use as a guide. Feel free to chop and change them to suit. We also wrote a blog on this very subject on 5th July 2020 entitled ’19 Polite Ways to Exclude Children at Weddings’

Yes, as long as the text is typed out so that we can copy and paste it. You would need to make it clear where the text should go and, as with all proofs, you are responsible for all spelling etc. Please note that some characters, such as certain Greek characters, do not translate well into some fonts and we may need to change to a simpler font in order to accommodate the text.


Yes, you must check every detail as they will print exactly as shown. Please note that colours on printed card may differ very slightly from those on a screen as a monitor is backlit. Colours will be slightly muted if printed on ivory card.

No, they will print exactly as shown in the proofs. Please let us know if there is an error or if you’d like the colour to be changed before approving them for print.

No, they will print exactly as shown in the proofs. It is the font style that does this. Please just let us know if you’d like us to change this as we can use a different font for you.

Some fonts have capital letters that look like lower case lettering. It is in fact that font’s version of an uppercase letter and will be larger than the other letters. If you do not wish this to happen then please request an alternative font. We can manually change the one letter on some products; however, this is not possible with personalised guest names such as on place cards. You would need to choose an alternative font.

We only prepare proofs after you have placed an order because of the work and time involved.

No, within reason! We do not limit the number of times we update your proofs however we do not draw up several new designs. When sending amendments please do not send the entire text again as it’s impossible to pick out changes. Please only send the actual changes. We reserve the right to stop editing the proofs if we feel they are no longer reasonable and ask you to purchase an additional Electronic Sample.

Please just write any changes in an email without trying to format it. Please only send actual changes. If you send the entire document again, we may return it to you and ask you to highlight the changes as it would mean us starting from scratch.

It is often the font style that does this. Please just let us know if you’d like us to change it as we can use a different font for you.

No, our proofs have a standard background colour, but the actual card colour you chose will be annotated. If your proofs do not state White or Premium for example, please point this out to us.

If your proofs do not state Mini, please point this out to us.

We create our proofs using pre-designed layouts and so it is not always possible to show every aspect of an order such as envelope or card colour. In these cases, we always annotate anything that cannot be shown. Please check your proofs carefully, for any written text pertaining to size, colour, extras etc. If it is not shown or written, please tell us before approving for print! If it’s not shown or annotated on your proofs, it will not be included and has been missed.

Yes! If it’s not on your proofs, it is not included! Please point this out to us before approving your order for print.

Processing & Delivery Times

We list processing and dispatch times on every listing. As they vary hugely, please refer to the individual product listing for specifics.

Processing times vary on every product so please refer to the individual product listing for specifics. As a rule of thumb: We monitor our emails constantly. Where applicable we aim to draw up electronic proofs within 2 working days. If your order requires tweaks to the design, this may take longer.

This depends on the published processing times and the shipping method you chose. Please refer to the listing or our Delivery information page for details of dispatch times for your chosen shipping method.

Priority processing means we put your order to the head of the queue for processing. This does not speed up shipping and orders will be shipped using the method you select during checkout. Please refer to the product listing or our Delivery information page for shipping times.

Stationery Explained

Invite Only is just the main invitation card on its own without any additional cards such as RSVP, Gift Message etc. It has no holes punched or ribbon included. An envelope is included.

Invite + 1 Card and Invite + 2 Cards are the main invitation card plus one or two smaller cards of your choice (RSVP, Gift Message, Menu, Info Card). These can be anything you like from accommodation information, to a story of how you met or a menu options card. They are fully customisable.

Generic samples are standard, printed versions of the product as shown in the listing photographs. They are not personalised or changed in any way. We usually have them pre-printed and can dispatch them faster than personalised orders.

Inserts will arrive in a separate stack, cut to size, and pre-creased for easy assembly. You insert and stick them into the envelopes yourself. Glue is not included.

We insert each liner into its envelope and glue it into place for you.

An evening invitation and a day invitation would count as 2 variations. If for example, you would like an A5 Invitation card and 2 A6 Gift Message/RSVP cards to go with it, you would first put the A5 cards into your basket. You would then put 2 variations of the A6 cards into your basket. If you would like 2 types of day invitation, one with nicknames & one with full names, on them, you would put 2 variations into your basket.

Pocketfold envelopes are cut out of a single piece of card and creased ready for folding. You can either receive them like this and fold and stick them yourself or you can opt for us to do this for you. All it needs is time, patience, and some glue! We don’t provide the glue. A Pritt stick does the job!

If you select to have us tie bows for you on invitations, we will assemble the cards, thread the ribbon, and tie the bow for you. All you do is check that the correct cards are assembled (day/eve), write on your guest names and pop them into an envelope. It’s a fiddly, time-consuming job and you are most welcome to do this yourself. Card would arrive in stacks with the ribbon or twine already cut to size. For help on how to tie neat bows, we have created a demonstration video. Please just contact us for the link.

Minimum Order Quantity

You can order a Personalised Sample or reprints. Please use the link on the product page for smaller quantities. All new orders are subject to the minimum order quantity as stated on the product page (except for samples). Please note that foiling orders have a strict minimum order quantity, even for reprints

Yes, you may order fewer reprints than the minimum quantity using the link on the product page. If you only need one more, you can order a Personalised Sample and just add a note to specify which one you’d like to have reprinted.

Every order takes a minimum amount of time and has costs/charges associated with it from Stripe/PayPal fees through to the time it takes to log the order and search through old orders and emails. Producing 20 of something takes as long as producing 1. Whilst we appreciate things can change, we must charge extra to cover this. We do advise to order extra cards up front to avoid this. Many of our customers end up coming back for a few additional cards at a later date.

Evening Invitations

Yes, the evening invitations are the exact same product as the day invitations just with different wording. Please just order the day invitations and send us the evening details. Everything is fully customisable.

No, mini evening invites can be ordered using the invitation product page. If you would like a ‘Mini Invite Only’, please use either a standard invite or sleeve invite listing and select Invite Only from the drop-down list. There is also an option to select Mini A6.

Please place two separate orders into your basket, one for the day invites and one for the evening invites.

No, please order the evening invitations separately. They are processed as a separate order.

Foiling Orders

No, digital foiling only adheres to smooth card. We have white, cream, and ivory options available.

Yes, we can offer laminate. Please contact us for details.

Yes, other limited colours are available, but these are not always in stock. Please just ask if there is a specific colour you would like, and we will see what is available.

Foiling orders are expensive to set up. Printing a single card costs as much as printing the minimum order quantity. We are able to create an Electronic Sample for you and we always recommend purchasing a Generic Sample so that you can see the colour and quality of the card and foiling.

As stated on our listings, we do not stock all generic samples. If you request a specific design, size, and foil colour, we will do our best to send exactly that. If it is not available, we may put several items together to show each of those aspects.

Although you can only place a full order of the minimum order quantity or higher on our website, please contact us via email as we occasionally print a few extra and may still have some in stock. We always recommend ordering extra at the start.

Card Types

Yes, if you would like your cards printed on white card then please specify this at the time of ordering.

No, we currently only offer a cream Premium Textured card and smooth card.

We discontinued Kraft brown stationery a while ago and are not currently planning on reintroducing them to our range.

Foam board is very lightweight. Your printed table plan is stuck on giving it extra stability and to prevent corners from curling. It is not water-resistant and is suitable for indoor use only as any light wind would blow it away. Foamex is rigid, hardwearing, and water-resistant. It is also much heavier and is less likely to be blown over by a draft. Exact colour shades cannot be guaranteed as Foamex products are made using a completely different print process and colours may therefore differ slightly from our other printed products.

Can You Create Other Stationery?

Yes, everything is fully customisable so it’s no problem to create any of our products for any other occasion, even such sad ones as funerals.

Yes, but you would need to order a booklet instead of an Order of Service as this is a different printing and binding process. You will need to allow extra time for production and delivery. Please contact us for details providing as much information as possible on your requirements.

We are always happy to create new types of stationery so please send us an email and some images so that we can see what’s possible.

Problem With My Order

All approved proofs are final, and we do not accept responsibility for errors even if they were mentioned in previous emails. We do not limit the number of changes to proofs so that you have plenty of opportunity to make changes. We do not spell check, nor do we check to see if information is missing or duplicated, even if it is something obvious like a date in the past or a missing time. If the mistake was visible on the proofs, you would need to place a new order to have them reprinted. Always view proofs on a large screen. Please do not rely on a mobile device as mistakes can easily be missed. Card colour, corner options, design, colours, text, and extras such as stickers, are all annotated on proofs. It is your responsibility to point out any discrepancies.

If you did not specifically request something at the time of placing the order, it may not be included. If you received proofs and your proofs did not list the missing item, it will not be included. Please always be sure to point out any discrepancies before approving the order for print. We can of course occasionally omit something by mistake. If this is the case, please point it out to us and we will rectify the mistake as soon as possible.

The more text you try to squeeze onto a card, the smaller the font will become. This is especially the case on mini cards. If we felt we were unable to read the text ourselves, we would say so, but we cannot be held responsible for perceived small text by others. Please always check your proofs carefully and be sure to view them at their actual size. Shrink the image down on your screen to the finished size. If unsure, please order a personalised sample before placing a full order. Reprints will be charged.

If your proofs do not reflect accurately what you ordered, you must tell us. We do not have a limit to changes to proofs (within reason). Please do not approve proofs and then say you thought they would be different. They won’t be. Your order will be exactly as shown and annotated on your proofs and proofs are final.

ViP Club & Newsletters

Rather than send out long boring newsletters or bombard our customers with salesy text, we’ve decided to take a different approach. We understand people want to hear about any special offers so naturally we’ll let you know about those. We also get asked a lot about who we are and what we do so we will occasionally give you a glimpse into what it’s like behind the scenes. Finally, we’d like to share some of our new designs with you. We’re always happy for customers to give us ideas for new designs too so please do share them with us. We can’t stand receiving masses of emails when we sign up to a website so won’t inflict that on our customers either!

Contacting Vintage Prints

We do not have set opening hours. We often work from home so please contact us to make an appointment if you would like to pop in.

We are in Herbery Courtyard in Blackminster Business Park, which is more of a small retail park, on the outskirts of Evesham on the northern edge of the Cotswolds.

Yes, we are happy to make an appointment for you to come in and see us. Please email us at

Yes, you can phone us but please be aware that we work from home a lot or have loud printing machinery running which means we are usually unable to take calls. The best way to get in touch is always by email as we monitor this even when we are not in the office. Our telephone number is 01386 64 11 10. Please note that this will not be monitored as long as there are still COVID restrictions in place. We do not recommend you leave a message on the answering machine. Please email us at as this is by far the best way to contact us.

We are unable to take orders over the phone. We do not take payment details from customers and we always need to have any details typed out so that we can copy and paste them when creating proofs.

Yes, if you really are not in a position to be able to access the website to place an order, please email us to make an appointment to come in. We can accept cash payments. We are also able to type up handwritten text for a fee. You will be responsible for checking it for errors.


Yes! It must be returned within 3 weeks of the postmarked date and in its original condition. You pay return postage. If, when it arrives, it is not in a resaleable condition, we will be unable to issue a refund. Any postage paid is non-refundable.

No, personalised stationery cannot be returned. It is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly check proofs before approving them. We do not limit the number of proofs (within reason) for this very reason. We ask customers to carefully read all text sent with proofs and to not rely on mobile phones/small screens to check them as mistakes are easily missed.

Putting Orders on Hold

No, we do not like to keep orders on hold for longer than 3 or 4 weeks as it messes with our bookkeeping. We dispatch all items in an order together in one package. Please only order what you are ready to receive and wait to order other items when they are needed.

Problem With My Account

It may be that your account was created before the new website was launched in which case, please create a new one as all old accounts were deleted. If it appears to be a technical hitch, please email us with details and any error message.

Website Problems/Technical Issues

Please email us and let us know so that we can fix this for you. It’s very easily and quickly fixed, and we really do appreciate it when customers point out errors to us.

Please, please let us know right away so that we can get our technical support team to fix it as soon as possible. We always appreciate it when customers point out any errors to us.

Please let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Very often it’s simply your chosen design, rather than the product type, that is missing. If this is the case, you can order any other design and just add a note to specify which one you’d like instead. If it’s a product type we don’t have listed, please email us and we’ll let you know if we can do it.

If you have had a printed design from us in the past, we can always do other stationery to match. Please choose a variation of your product (e.g. Pocketfold Invites) and add a note to the order to specify the design you’d like printed instead. As long as you select the correct type of product, the printed design can be changed. Everything is fully customisable.

We worked extremely hard to try to make our website as easy to use as possible. If you find things difficult in any way, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know. We love getting feedback or constructive criticism from our customers. We want our website to work for you!


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