Who Are Vintage Prints?

Hi there, we’re Vintage Prints, and we absolutely love hand-crafted wedding stationery. 
Founded in 2015, our wedding stationery company has come from humble beginnings and blossomed into a respected and thriving business with a wonderful team behind it.  We love designing beautiful bespoke wedding stationery that our customers will cherish forever.

Where Did It All Begin?

After successfully supporting thousands of weddings, we have outgrown our living room office and now occupy a design and production studio in the country village of Blackminster. We are continually adding to our range of stunning designs, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Vintage Prints! 

Why Choose Vintage Prints?

We understand that every wedding is different. We provide a fully customised service at the price published — no hidden extras! Our team works with customers to reflect the essence of their day in the art and design of our stationery. Taking each theme, we represent it across a complete range of wedding stationery from Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations to Table Plans, Orders of Service and Thank You Cards.  

We always strive to find the best quality materials to work with and craft everything with love and attention to detail. Vintage Prints stationery will become an everlasting memory of your special day.

Our quality stationery ranges from budget to luxury boutique. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have something specific in mind, talk to us! We love creating our customers’ visions and making their wedding dreams come true.

Vintage Prints will take care of all of your wedding stationery from start to finish. The build-up to your special day should be exciting and fun. That’s why we’ve made it simple and enjoyable to find exactly what you want and make it your own. Start your journey to wedding stationery heaven today. Browse our full range of beautiful designs online.


Meet the Team

BECCA – Co-owner.

The ‘creative one’ usually busy designing, photographing, printing and editing. Rarely seen without the mischievous Rolo the Dachshund by her side who “helpfully” announces everyone’s arrival at the studio.  


JULIE – Co-owner.

The ‘organiser’ of the business, usually found replying to those important emails, ordering stock and keeping an eye on all things accounting. If you have a question of any kind Julie will most likely be the one with the quick and helpful response.


JULIE H. – Editor & Stationery Stylist

Meet Julie, a hugely important part of our design and editing team. She's the creative whiz who sprinkles a dash of magic to turn your ideas into reality. Think of her as your wedding stationery fairy godmother, gathering all the essential info and crafting dreamy proofs that let you peek into the future of your final product. And just like a culinary expert meticulously follows a recipe, she edits each order with care, tailoring it to your unique tastes. So grab a cuppa sit back, relax, and let Julie whip up some paper magic for your special day!





Becky W. – Perfection Packer & Detail Detective

Meet Becky, our new packing superstar! She's not just a packer, she's a 'pack-tionist' - a perfectionist at packing. Becky truly goes the extra mile to make sure that every order is flawlessly packed and ready for its journey to you. But the magic doesn't stop at packing. Becky is also our go-to gal for stock control and organization within the office. She's got an uncanny knack for keeping things in order, ensuring everything is right where it needs to be. And when it comes to gluing and assembling orders, Becky takes perfectionism to a whole new level. Simply put, Becky does more than just packing. She's a key part of our creative team, helping turn our ideas into reality and making sure everything runs smoothly in the background. Here's to Becky, making sure your orders are packed with love, care, and a dash of perfection! 




George T. – Printer Extraordinaire

Meet George, the latest member of our team. With a knack for creativity and a love for the gym. George brings an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, making sure every print job is spot on. When it comes to customisation, George's precision and attention to detail ensure that every print meets your needs and delivers top-notch results. Cheers to George, who crafts your prints with care and delivers them with outstanding quality!

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