Here you will find an abundance of information on everything Wedding Stationery related. This is a comprehensive resource for all couples planning their wedding stationery.
You will find practical advice on wedding stationery, wording and etiquette, printing techniques, wedding stationery trends and signage.

1. A Complete Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

You’ve chosen your wedding invitations, and now it’s time to tackle the wedding invitation wording. Why is this important? Well, your wedding invitations are the first place your guests will look to for the essential information they require for your wedding day.

Whether you choose to keep the wording classic and traditional or want to add a creative and modern twist is up to you, but whatever route you decide, there are many essential wedding invitation elements that you won’t want to forget…


2. Wedding Stationery | Glossary of Terms | Vintage Prints

There are a lot of unique terms to get used to when it comes to wedding stationery. That’s why we’ve created this handy wedding stationery glossary of terms! We know that getting the perfect wedding invitations is a big part of your wedding planning, and it can help a lot to know what everything means. 

Your wedding invitation doesn’t just have to look and feel great. It’s also an essential part of your day because it will let your guests know when and where they need to be. Whether you already have some ideas about the kind of wedding invites you want to send out, or are simply looking for inspiration...


3. Who Must You Invite to Your Wedding?

Making your wedding guest list is commonly one of the first steps that couples take as they begin planning their wedding. The question is, who to invite to your wedding?

Hundreds of people may like to be there on the big day, but are they all necessary? Will your wedding day be ruined if your second cousin's girlfriend can’t make it? Working out who to invite to your wedding might be one of the earliest steps of planning your wedding, but it can also be difficult. Rather than thinking about who you should invite to your wedding…


4. Wedding Invitation Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

When planning a wedding, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. From your guest list to the reception venue, paying attention to the details is vital. As one of the first things you’ll plan, your wedding invitations need to be right. 

This wedding invitation etiquette guide isn’t about spelling or grammatical errors (although they are important too). This is about the etiquette mistakes that are all too common when designing your invitations. If you want to avoid the most common wedding invitation etiquette mistakes, here’s our quick guide...



5. How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

Knowing how to address wedding invitations is a skill, but it’s a learnable one. You might assume that addressing a wedding invite is straightforward, but it’s not always as simple as you expect. From traditional wedding invites to more modern versions, there’s much more to consider than you might think.

If you’re doing some research and you’ve read a few articles about how to address wedding invitations, you’ve likely seen a lot of info about formal invitations. While these traditional invites are still held in high regard and are the usual convention when writing addresses, we live in modern times.


6. Wedding Invitations and Stationery Style Guide

When choosing your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For most soon-to-be-wed couples, this is completely new to them, and it seems like there are infinite options to choose from.

The good news is that while the range of possibilities out there can make it difficult to choose your perfect wedding invitations, this also means that there are lots of ways to customise your wedding stationery, resulting in something that perfectly captures your style and personality...




7. When to Send Wedding Invitations: Your Essential Guide

Newly engaged couples have a lot of wedding admin to deal with, and unless you’re a professional event planner, you’re probably not sure of what order to tick everything off. One responsibility you’ll need to have on your radar ahead of time is wedding stationery — and more specifically, when to send wedding invitations to ensure your guests have plenty of notice about your special day…



6. How to Say “No Children at Our Wedding” to Your Guests

Whether you want to keep costs down, have booked an adults-only venue or simply would rather guests let their hair down and enjoy the party, it’s perfectly okay to choose not to have children at your wedding. A survey of 20,000 couples revealed that 45% didn’t invite children to their wedding, so it’s clear that the soon-to-be-married are fairly evenly divided in this ongoing debate.

There are several reasons why couples may decide to have a child-free or child-limited wedding, and you shouldn’t have to justify it to friends and family — after all, it’s your special day and should be exactly as you imagined it.











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