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Print my Design Inserts with 5x7" or A5 Pocketfold

From £1.65 each (inc. VAT) £33.33 (ex. VAT)

We are often asked if we are able to print a customer’s own design. The answer is Yes! This listing is for print-ready pocketfold card orders ONLY, without any editing. Please read the Product Information section for full details, and the Order Process section for instructions before ordering.
We print your wedding invitation design and optional additional cards. Add an optional pocketfold in the colour of your choice.  Envelopes are available in various colours. These invites are printed on thick smooth white or ivory 330gsm cardstock or on our Premium 350gsm Cream Lightly Textured card. Choose a matching tag and twine to tie around the finished set or opt for a matching sleeve with sticker instead. Button magnets make them easy to open and close.

To purchase a Sample, click the Purchase Sample button near the top of this listing and order a Personalised Sample.

Want to know what card sizes we use for our 5x7” Pocketfolds?  Download the templates HERE.

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About this product

Welcome to our ‘Print My Design’ range! DIY is all the rage and we’re here to help with any aspects of this you may not be able to do at home. Such as printing or supplies of envelopes etc! Choose how many cards you’d like, from an invitation card on its own to several cards such as RSVP, Gift Message, Menu, Map, or Information cards. We are careful to select only the best quality cardstock so that we can create something for you and your guests to hold and cherish forever. If you need help with editing your design, please use our Any Design Pocketfold listing.


Product Information

In order to ensure we are able to print your design, please email us before placing an order so that we can check the files. It may not be possible to print block backgrounds in some colours so it’s best we advise on an individual basis. 

Choose how many cards you’d like to have in your pack. The invitation and three cards are as shown in the photos. If you find you need additional cards to tuck in behind the others, let us know. Read on for full details.

Not when ordering via this listing, no. We will however always check that things line up and fit correctly and let you know if your files need changing. This is a DIY listing where you have done all the editing yourself and provide us with the print-ready files. If you require any editing, please use our Any Design Pocketfold listing instead. 

This listing is not for foiling. Please see separate foiling listings for those or email us for further details.

POCKETFOLD COLOUR: Kraft brown pocketfolds are 280gsm and feature a darker shade on the front with a slightly paler reverse. They are made from recycled card and shade variations are normal. Other colours vary from 270gsm – 300gsm and the colour is the same both front and back. 

CARD COLOUR:  The invitation cards to tuck into your pocketfold can be on a smooth white or ivory 330gsm card or on our range of lightly textured Premium 350gsm Cream card. The premium card is noticeably thicker and adds a luxurious look and feel to your invitations.
Please note that due to mills going into administration or suppliers discontinuing stock, some card types can become unavailable without prior notice. We are always working hard to add replacement card types to our stock when this happens and will let you know if there are any issues with availability at the time of ordering.

DAY OR EVENING: Each variation (different language, different timings etc) must be ordered separately and is subject to the minimum order quantity as each one is processed separately. If you need a set of day invites and a set of evening invites for example, please add each of the quantities to your basket separately. Please do not order one set and then provide separate variations of RSVP card/gift message etc.

INVITE ONLY: This is the invitation card on its own, without any additional cards. Choose to have it loose to tuck into the pocket or glued in place as shown in the images.

INVITE + 1 CARD: The invitation card plus 1 additional card of your choice, in any 1 of the 3 sizes shown (Size A, B, or C).

INVITE +2 CARDS: The invitation card plus 2 additional cards in 2 of the 3 sizes shown (e.g. A+B; A+C; or B+C).

INVITE +3 CARDS (as in main photograph): The invitation card plus 3 additional cards in the 3 sizes as shown (Invite + 1 each of A, B, and C).

INVITE +4 CARDS: The invitation card plus 4 additional cards in the 3 sizes shown. The 4th card can be size A, B, or C.

The additional cards come in 3 sizes (4 for large A5 sets): A, B, or C. Please see Sizing for details. You can choose which of those sizes you would like for your additional cards*. For example, if you would like the Invite +1 Card, you can choose whether your additional card is A/Large, B/Medium or C/Small (to fit Small Square RSVP envelopes).
*You may not have more than 2 size A cards in each set. Additional large cards would need to be ordered separately.

Although we will not edit your files in any way, we may choose to draw up proofs for you to check before your order goes to print. If you decide to make a change to the text or design, you will need to provide a new print-ready file. Proofs are only drawn up once per order unless we feel it necessary to draw up a second set with edited files.

To keep things really neat and save time, you can opt to have us print the individual guest names on all your invitations. We must be able to copy and paste a list of names. The name(s) for each invitation must be typed on a separate line exactly as you would like them written and without any preceding numbers or symbols. Please request instructions from us if you are unsure.
We will need you to tell us which font the names should be in. You can either provide the font if we don’t already have it, or we’ll find something as close as possible to your preferred font.

Pocketfolds can be supplied flat or pre-assembled by us. If you’d like to assemble them yourself, we recommend using either a strong glue or double-sided sticky tape (available from us). The only other things you need are a little time and patience! If your choice is glue, here’s a little video to show you how.

Photos show the invitation card glued onto the pocketfold. You can opt to have us do this for you or leave them loose to tuck into the pocket or glue them yourself.

Choose to have a tag & twine, or just twine, to tie your pocketfold neatly together. Or you can opt for a personalised sleeve to fix around the pocketfold. All tags come with twine. All sleeves come with blank matt stickers as standard (gloss or transparent on request). Matching round sleeve stickers are available in matt white, gloss white, or transparent. If you do not specify, they will be matt.
Sleeves will be printed onto matching paper, however, please note that matching ivory paper is no longer manufactured and so stock is very limited.

We have some great little round button magnets that make closing and opening the pocketfolds a doddle. Simply stick these onto the inside of the flap and in the corresponding position on the closed pocketfold.
The magnets and mini stickers will be supplied in separate stacks for you to attach yourself. This is because each one needs to be lined up correctly as you fold and close the pocketfold. You will receive 2 per pocketfold. Simply peel off the backing and press onto the pocketfold. Remember to stick them the right way around so that the poles attract!
Here’s a little video to show you how

If you have a lot of information, you can choose to have it printed onto the back of cards. We recommend RSVP cards are either the larger size (A) with printing on the back to create a postcard RSVP, or if you wish to use RSVP envelopes, the smaller (C) size which fit in our Small Square or C6 RSVP envelopes.

ENVELOPE COLOUR:  Kraft brown envelopes are included as standard. Other colours are available for a small surcharge. Just click on the colour you would like. We’ve searched for a long time to find the best quality envelopes at affordable prices and are really happy with what we now stock. If you do need a different colour, let us know as we often add new colours to our stock.

ADDRESSED INVITATION ENVELOPES:  To keep things neat and save time, you can have us print all your guests’ names & addresses onto the invitation *envelopes for you. We will need a spreadsheet from you with the information for each envelope on a single row and each line on that envelope in a separate column. Please ask us for instructions and/or a blank template to fill in.
*Please note that if you opt for dark envelopes such as Navy, Black, or Forest Green, we cannot print on them as the text would not show. We are unable to print white or other light colours onto a dark background. We are also unable to print onto the Premium Peel & Seal envelopes. Please tell us which font(s) you would like us to use.

ENVELOPE LINER:  We can create matching envelopes liners to fit into your invitation envelopes on request. We will use the print-ready pdf you provide but you can of course choose any other existing design on our website instead to complement your invites if you prefer. Just let us know when ordering. You can have them loose so that you glue them in yourself, or you can opt for us to do that for you.

ADD MATCHING STICKER: A matching sticker for your envelopes gives a hint of what’s to come. Choose from matt heart stickers, or round matt, gloss, or transparent stickers. You provide the print-ready design to go on the stickers.

This is where you can write any notes about your order. You will also need to email us separately with all the files for printing as they cannot be attached to an order.

If you would prefer to have an RSVP envelope for guests to return their replies to you, you would need to use the smallest of the 3 cards (Card C) as your RSVP card. The card fits well into a Small Square envelope which can be purchased separately. If you’d prefer to have RSVP envelopes addressed with a return address, you’ll need to purchase the slightly larger C6 envelopes.

All files need to be sent as png (preferable), pdf, jpeg, or psd Photoshop files. Please just email us if you have a different format so that we can check them. Each one must have a 2mm bleed on all edges. Please refer to the SIZING tab for full details.

Please check out our FAQ if you have any questions not answered here or email us at


Measurements are approximate as tiny shifts can occur during the cutting process.

5x7” Pocketfold Card Sizes
Invitation: 11.6 x 16.6 cm (+2mm bleed = 12 x 17 cm)
Additional Card A/Large: 11.6 x 16.6 cm (+2mm bleed = 12 x 17 cm, same size as invitation)
Additional Card B/Medium: 11.6 x 13.6 cm (+2mm bleed = 12 x 14 cm)
Additional Card C/Small: 11.6 x 10.6 cm (+2mm bleed = 12 x 11 cm)
Tags: 5 x 8.3 cm (5.4 x 8.7 cm)
Sleeves: 30 x 5.7 cm (+2mm bleed = 30.4 x 17.4 cm)
Stickers: 37mm dia (+2mm bleed = 39mm dia)

Note: Pocketfolds are 5x7” when closed, cards are slightly smaller, and envelopes are slightly larger so that they all fit neatly together.

A5 Pocketfold Card Sizes
Pocketfold Card A/Large: 14.2 x 20.4 cm (+2mm bleed = 14.6 x 20.8 cm, same size as invitation)
Pocketfold Card B/Medium: 14.2 x 17.5 cm (+2mm bleed = 14.6 x 17.9 cm)
Pocketfold Card C/Small: 14.2 x 12.9 cm (+2mm bleed = 14.6 x 13.3 cm)

Note: Pocketfolds are A5 when closed, cards are slightly smaller than A5 and envelopes are C5 so that they all fit neatly together.

We can also create 4 different sized inserts for A5 pocketfolds. Please just request this at the time of ordering.

Please ensure all text is well within the dimensions above as we need to be able to trim approximately 2mm (the bleed) off once the cards have been printed. This is particularly important if you have an edge-to-edge design or text too close to the edge as it can get cut off. We will provide proofs to show the finished product so you will be able to check it before approving it for print.

5x7” Envelopes are approx. 13 x 18cm
C5 Envelopes (for A5 pocketfolds) are approx. 22.9cm x 16.2cm
Please note that all recycled Kraft brown items can have shade variations as it is a natural product.

Order Process

1.    Please email us before placing your order and send through at least one of the files you would like to have printed. We’ll need to confirm that your files are suitable for printing.

2.    Once we have confirmed that your files are suitable for printing, you ‘Create’ your invite pack yourself by selecting the relevant options from the drop-down menus and add it to your basket. 

3.    Please email all your files to us at once you have placed your order. Please label all files clearly (e.g., Invite, Card Size A, Card Size B, Card Size C Front, Card Size C Back etc). 

4.    Once we receive your order a member of our design team will create electronic proofs using the files you have supplied usually within 2 – 3 working days. The proofs will be emailed to you. Please ensure you read the proofs email in full. Once you are happy with them, let us know and we will send them to print. Nothing goes to print without your approval. If after placing an order you haven’t heard from us within 3 full working days, please get in touch. We always email you personally to acknowledge an order. 

5.    We normally print an order within 5 – 6 working days after you have approved any proofs. The whole process normally takes around 9 days plus delivery time depending on the product and whether amendments were necessary to pdf files. Large orders with glued pocketfolds may take a day or two longer during busy periods. If you need your order quickly then please select ‘Priority Processing’ in your basket during checkout and be sure to also select the courier shipping option or the fastest option available for your postcode.


After you have approved your proof, we aim to dispatch your order within 4 - 15 working days, depending on your product type (please see individual product details for dispatch times). Samples are usually dispatched within 1 - 3 working days. Shipping times may vary due to bank holidays or during busy periods.

Royal Mail 2nd Class postage and a standard courier takes between 3-5 working days.  
Royal Mail 1st Class postage takes 2 – 3 working days.
*Next Day Delivery takes 1 or 2 working days (weekends & holidays excluded). 

*Next Day Options are only available for UK mainland. Please contact us separately for shipping to Northern Ireland or any of the other islands or highlands.
If you require any other shipping such as Express or shipping abroad then please contact us separately for a quote.

*If you choose to add Priority Processing to your order, it will jump to the front of the queue and take priority. We will make sure that your order is processed as quickly as possible from proofs through to printing and dispatch. We will aim to prepare your proofs within 1 or 2 days and will also endeavour to dispatch your order within 1 – 2 full working days from approving your proofs. 
Please contact us for availability before placing your order.
Please note that your order will still be dispatched using whichever shipping method you choose during checkout. We recommend selecting our Next Day delivery service (UK mainland only. Weekends & holidays excluded).

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