Reprints – Small-Order Fee (from £3.50)

GOod To Know

You can order reprints.

There is no need to resend information.

Need them quickly? Send straight to print without proofs.




We understand that customers often find they need a few more day and/or evening invitations but don’t want to place a full order of 10 or more. This small-order fee applies to any order of fewer than 10 invitations. Please note, this is for reprints of a previous order only!


If you want them to be exactly the same as before then we can send them straight to print to save time. Please do check that any RSVP by date is up to date! We do not check any details for you. Please refer to the proofs that you previously approved. If you cannot find them please ask us and we’ll re-send the link.


Please order the cards, printing, bow tying etc. exactly as you would like them and add them to your basket before adding this small-order fee. We do not compare to previous orders. If you had any different options such as no hole punching or a different order to the way the cards are tied together with your previous order then you must tell us this again at the time of re-ordering as we do not look through previous correspondence to check. If you do not specify then they may arrive as shown in the photographs.

  1. First add the invites of your choice to your basket separately.
  2. Select whether or not you require new proofs to be sent or whether you are happy to refer to your previously approved proofs.
  3. Select whether or not you’d like us to send your order straight to print without proofs. PLEASE CHECK YOUR RSVP DATE!
  4. Please make sure you tell us exactly which invites are being sent to print if you have had day and evening invites or other variations in the past.
  5. If you need your order to be prioritised with an Express Service (fee applicable) then please ask us for a quote.

After you have approved your proof, we aim to dispatch your order within 3 working days (4 if you have opted for bow tying). 

Royal Mail 2nd Class postage and a standard courier takes between 3-5 working days.  

If you require an expedited Saturday delivery then please ask us for a quote.

If you require any other shipping such as Express or shipping abroad then please contact us separately for a quote.

If you need your order to be prioritised and processed extra fast then we can do this for a fee. Please contact us for a quote.