Planning for your wedding, what you need to do!

It might be a miserable wet, cold start to the year but if you’re lucky enough to start the New Year with an engagement then the weather really doesn’t matter. If that’s you, congratulations!


With all the Christmas festivities well out of the way the start of the year can seem a little bleak so what better time to begin planning your perfect wedding. Whether it’s a small intimate affair in a registry office or a huge lavish affair in a country mansion with hundreds of guests you need to do some sort of organising.


Your first thought is probably ‘When shall we get married?’. It’s always best to think of 2 or 3 dates to start with until you can be sure your chosen venue is available. Not only do you need to think of a date but you also need to think of a venue/church/registry office and check that they are available on your chosen date.


You might think that you’re not getting married for ages yet but when the day comes (and it will come faster than you think) you’ll be very glad for having organised it properly. First things first, get organised! Make lists. Keep a notebook/pad/pen/phone by your bed and jot down thoughts. Some people prefer to do everything electronically, others like to have a folder and keep it all together. Do what works best for you. Keep magazine clippings. Take photos of things you see out and about that you might want to incorporate into your wedding.

Once you’ve decided on your theme/colour it’s time to choose your Save the Dates!